Giraffe Nuts

The true health and wellness benefits of hemp extract are only now being realized! Research has shown that our bodies are truly BUILT to accept the amazing phytonutrients and heart-protectant fatty acids contained within pure hemp. It’s a superfood that when taken regularly, provides a broad host of amazing physiological benefits. With a patented micro-encapsulation process, our hemp extract has unparalleled bioavailability for maximum effect.

Giraffe Nuts Brand Hemp Infused Caramels WILL BE the single most delicious artisanal caramels you have ever eaten. With all natural, Non GMO, Kosher and Gluten Free ingredients, Individually wrapped Giraffe Nuts Caramels contain 15mg of Hemp extract necessary for total body homeostasis with a bioavailability above 80%! ​That means most of the Hemp gets into your system for maximal effect.  For a healthy Mind, Heart and Immune system take Giraffe Nuts Hemp Extract Caramels daily for the yummiest supplement you’ll ever eat.  


Our neurological system contains receptors which accept the molecules contained within hemp to help regulate anxiety, stress, depression, fear and even PTSD. 

This means the relaxing effects of hemp can help bring your body to a state of harmonious balance necessary to live pain-free and in psychological peace.


The nutrients contained within Hemp also help boost and regulate many of our body’s anti-inflammatory responses. This means hemp can augment our body’s

immune system to fight off illness and decrease, lower free-radical formation which keeps our heart and arteries healthy, and help regulate hormone responses leading to a more balanced feeling of well-being each and every day. 

Hemp Supports healthy skin, healthy heart, healthy joints and of course, a healthy mind.


Our hand-crafted Caramels are USA made in an FDA audited and GMP compliant facility with pure Colorado hemp extract. They are All Natural, Kosher and 

Non-GMO. Precisely 15mg of Hemp Extract per caramel. Third-party tested for: NO THC. NO CHEMICALS. NO PESTICIDES.

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