Nirvana CBD

After much success entering into the vapor industry in 2013 to help people kick the traditional analog cigarettes and enter into vapor products, we now change focus to Nirvana CBD, to continue to help people.  We discovered the benefits of Nirvana CBD to help people with stress management, anxiety, epilepsy, depression, pain management and more.  Nirvana CBD was founded in Ohio and is manufactured in one of California’s best laboratories, specializing in CBD tincture manufacturing. Nirvana CBD takes pride in offering a top of the line quality product while giving the consumer true value at an affordable price.


Nirvana CBD has developed 4 unique flavors that are sure to meet the demanding needs of our customers. Our CBD tinctures are 100% naturals and thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our stringent quality guidelines.

After close to 1 full year in development, we launched our CBD brand with the goal of providing a safe and effective cannabinoid solution for those who need it most. People suffering from insomnia, chronic pain, anxiety, and other ailments will find Nirvana CBD helpful. While we can’t make any claims that Nirvana will treat or prevent disease, we believe our customer reviews tell an amazing story.


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